The 23-year-old, who is also known as Natasha Simoes, is a self-proclaimed ‘one girl band’ who started out by learning the drums but was soon hooked on writing and recording songs in her bedroom.

Adult Weakness is a body of songs that navigate the process of grieving and deals with the horrible, inevitable reality of growing up, as Simoes explains: “it was written in a period when I was grieving so it revolves mostly around that topic and about dealing with adulthood when you still feel like a teenager.”

Throughout the EP, Simoes is able to delicately transform her pain into beautiful melodies - take standout track "Another" where her voice floats wistfully above the dreamlike riffs that fold like waves, or "C." where she simply says “I think you’ll get better as you get older,” over bending guitars. It is a confessional piece of work where Simoes displays her grief to the world, but you get the feeling that this was the best way for her to manage her feelings. As she explains: “when I finished it I just felt like this burden had been lifted from me and that I finally said what I need to.”

It is a collection of songs that the Lisbon-born artist has put together entirely by herself, with each song being recorded on tape in her bedroom. Simoes explains that this intimate process of recording holds a lot of importance to her saying that “besides being limited in what I could use I also wanted it to feel more real and personal.” It’s a debut EP that is both impressive in its production and its ability to deal with complex emotions with beautiful articulation.

Adult Weakness is out now.