As befitting a collaboration between labels of impeccable taste Cascine and Labrador, Usbeck's latest track is a blissful and tropical song laden with harp strings, piano, and wooden block percussion - a gorgeous instrumental dream and the perfect bed for Usbeck's Spanish language vocal.

Produced by Chairlift's Caroline Polachek the album Amparo is a collection of songs written and recorded across the span of three years in Ecuador, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Barcelona, Lisbon, Easter Island, Costa Rica, the south of Florida, and Brooklyn. The debut single “Moai y Yo” was a gentle breeze of a song, and "Uno De Tus Ojos" (it roughly translates as "One of Your Eyes") continues to build towards a record which promises to be one of the most beatific releases of 2016. In simple and completely reductive terms, it's for people who thought Juana Molina could do with a bit more chillwave in her music. And it's completely incredible.

Amparo will be out 27 May via Cascine/Labrador but in the meantime listen to "Uno De Tus Ojos" below.