The latest single to drop from Marcus Norberg and the Disappointments' new EP is “Talk Me Out Of It”, and across a field of pretty guitar fuzz, Norberg unspools his rich, deep voice for a gorgeous crypto-ballad about fearing for your neck.

The track's breezy dreaminess means people not listening too closely might take it for a love song. “'Talk Me Out Of It' is something of a therapeutic song about when I got robbed in Möllan (in Malmö) four years ago,” explains Norberg. “It felt too real and hard for me to be able to do something with it. But time heals, as they say, and I'm very happy with how it turned out."

It’s characteristic of the nihilist’s humour that flows through the project that he’s written a song with such a subject matter.

Absolute Music is out on 17 April through Adrian Recordings. Find Marcus Norberg and the Disappointments on Facebook.