The Philly rapper has teamed up with production trio CSLSX for his new record Ritualize, which "The Waking World" features on, but I Break Horses have entered the fray here for an ambitious dream-hop experiment with heart.

It's effortlessly woozy, but Lushlife's flow pierces through the opiate-addled synths, bounding forth with gusto. It's a sublime contrast that eventually dissolves in a smoky crescendo of samples, hip-hop, shoegaze, and electro-pop in the closing minute.

Speaking about the cut, Lushlife says: "'The Waking World' is a surreal look at the mindset of Mark David Chapman on the morning he assassinates John Lennon. The frenetic quiet-then-loud production from CSLSX, and I Break Horses' anthemic but melancholy chorus offered the perfect backdrop to zoom in and spit rhymes that explore my own relationship to depression, adolescent sensitivity, and obsession in the context of a single culture-altering moment.”

Ritualize is out 19 February 2016 via Western Vinyl.

Listen to "The Waking World" below.