Built on a sturdy beat, Lokoy incorporates tropical, steel drums that are backed by soft synths to create a warped vision of paradise.

The duet with girl in red adds a refreshing tinge of rawness from the duo.

Lokoy detailed his duet and track further, "The song is a duet between me and Marie Ulven (girl in red). It's about a relationship which is harmed by external factors and how their surroundings complicate a situation which was fairly uncomplicated to begin with. Though it seems impossible I feel like we long to escape from all the complications and obstacles in our everyday into a simpler state."

"Malibu" is constantly evolving; starting as a catchy summer track, Lokoy's offering soon incorporates components of indie, electronica, folk and funk.

Speaking about some of the sounds frm the new track, Lasse Lokøy explained, ""I always find pleasure with mixing different musical worlds together and see what comes out of it. In this song there are Indian folk rhythms, analog synth pads and cellos, and if you listen carefully you might hear some familiar sounds from airports and cellphones in there as well. I started creating the beat when I was out touring. I always bring my portable recorder with me in case I hear any interesting sounds (yep, very geeky). The bass in the verse, which was the first element of the song I composed, is actually a noise I recorded inside an airplane on my way to Bodø in Norway."

The summer offering is a melting pot of experimental sounds and feel good rhythm that'll have you pressing play straight after it finishes.

"Malibu" featruing girl in red is available now.