With so many contrasting components, on paper it's difficult to see just how this track could work.

Skilled Mary Miller intricately sews it all together, mixing an eerie, echoing electronica beat with her angelic vocal delivery, soon shaken up by a booming chorus.

Scaling harps lead "I Found Heaven" into its core, fusing soothing strings with a gospel-like church chant for the chorus, adding a slightly ominous tone.

The fruitful cocktail is impressive in combining Miller's influences as the near dub chorus contrasts excitingly with her softer vocal delivery.

Speaking about her new offering, Mary Miller explained, "The song is about love and escape and how they often coexist. The idea of 'heaven' being a fabrication and this being reflected in an unhealthy relationship. You believe you've 'found heaven in their arms' when they're actually an escape from your reality."

"I Found Heaven" is available now. Mary Miller performs London's Bushstock Festival on 23 June. Find more information on her live dates.