Debut release “Hell” sees Welsh musician Ellie James stepping out under a new moniker as Little Rêd. This first taste of her richly textured brand of electro-pop showcases her talents as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, whilst laying the foundations for what’s yet to come.

Now studying in Bath, James is no stranger to the musical profession, having been performing under various guises from the tender age of 14. This wealth of experience shines through in the maturity of her debut, with its measured, reverb-laden delivery and heart-rendingly emotional chorus.

“Hell” sees James pitting fear and love against each other in a sweeping exploration of her own heartbreak. “You give me hell, but that’s alright,” she repeats on the thunderous chorus, her voice echoing above delicately building guitar lines and rolling percussion.

Little Rêd successfully straddles the gap between polished electro-popper and folk singer-songwriter, plucking the most rewarding aspects from each genre and melding them together, whilst abandoning any resultant cliché to the cutting room floor. It’s fair to say that “Hell” is one hell of a debut, and we’re hopeful the wait for future material isn’t a long one!

“Hell” is out 8 March via Seahorse Music.