It's taken from upcoming EP That Isn't You, which follows the whirlwind success of 2014 single "Vermillion".

Speaking about the new track, which is riddled with pulsing synths and metronomic dancefloor beats, de la Torre says: "'Lovers Work Late' was the first song I wrote on a very special self-discovery writing trip to Helsinki with my boys Jonas [Karlsson] and Axel [Ehnström]. It was the beginning of my new sound. I like to call it 'pop done right'."

Fiercely DIY, de la Torre "writes her own music, shoots her own pictures, designs the artwork, edits the videos and takes care of styling," and this meticulous care of every aspect is evidenced in her sounds. 

de la Torre's That Isn’t You EP is due 13 April.

Listen to "Lovers Work Late" below.