Los Angeles-based Laura Jean Anderson emerged in 2018 along a string of singles including, “Love You Most” and “Silence Won’t Help Me Now” as a voice reminiscent of her inspirations of classic blue collar musicians like Nina Simone.

Raised strictly mormon, Anderson illustrated a creative outlet of rebellion through her music and youthful dedication in pursuing her craft and changing views and opinions of the world.

Commenting on the single Anderson said: “This song is about that moment after you leave a lover, when you realize you can’t talk to them about the hard times after being entangled with them for years. All you can do is think of them sweetly and plead that it’s ok with the universe cause it’s getting you through it."

“Thinkin Bout You” is released ahead of the official announcement of Anderson’s new EP Lonesome No More which will be released 12 October through B3SCI Records.

Lonesome No More is released October 12th and you can listen to the latest single now.