Las Rosas layer glimmering guitar twangs and psych-fuelled riffs to create the evocative new single. Complete with a hazy drumbeat, the subdued track conjures a woozy, laidback vibe. Melancholic yet abrasive guitar sequences build to produce dejected atmospherics, whilst the gritty drawls of vocalist and guitarist Jose Boyer enhances the wistful sounds emitting from the band’s sonic obscurities. Completed by the talents of Trevor Reece and Christopher Lauderdale, the three-piece pragmatically lay down the foundations for their latest outing.

The cinematic sound of “Color Blue” continues on Las Rosas’ upcoming EP, which juxtaposes unrequited love and the rapid destruction of our environment. “It’s a tricky comparison since my dramatic episode will always pass,” explains Boyer of the EP. “Whereas none of us are going to bring the coral reefs back to life”.

“Color Blue” is available now on Greenway Records. Follow Las Rosas on Facebook.