"The Blue" is a reflective single built on predominantly electronic instrumentals, and driven by vocalist Clem's soulful garage tones.

Kudu Blue maintain an extra-terrestrial tone with their layered, sparkling synths that bubble against Clem's echoed vocals. As the track builds, the beat becomes more persistent, pushing the tender melody towards the chorus, which drops into a bass-driven pool of passionate vocals and twinkling synths that glisten like drops of water hitting a calm surface.

Offering an explanation of their new single, Kudu Blue explain, ""The Blue" is kind of a reflection of our journey so far as a band. We’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve always pushed forward. The track is about not giving up on your passions whatever they may be and appreciating all of the good and the bad that come along the way."

Kudu Blue's new single is the final one to be shared from their upcoming Auras EP, after "Ice Tea", "Auras", and "Mountain Song".

"The Blue" arrives tomorrow (24 May) via Nettwerk alongside Kudu Blue's Auras EP. They play the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury next month. Find out more.