The follow up to last month's Avelino-featuring "Body", Kamille's new song "Raindrops" is a co-write with producer Chris Loco (Rita Ora, Tinie Tempah, Ella Eyre). The affecting track reveals the former Little Mix hit-writer as a fierce talent with a knack for tackling the real shit we deal with every day in a way that's relatable, honest and built around some sharp hooks.

So just how do you have fun with a broken heart? "I felt like it was impossible," Kamille tells us. "I remember my friends taking me out to a party and me just standing there like a zombie, while everyone was dancing and having fun around me. I realised the reason I was so sad was because I had tried to be strong for so long, and I hadn't let out my emotions. I hadn't just cried and screamed and been real with myself."

"I remember the second I did it was a problem though! The tears literally kept coming all the time - I was a mess lol. That's basically what 'Raindrops' is about. Me being a mess lol."

"Raindrops" and "Body" sit alongside three new tracks - "Within", "Give More" and "Separate", which features Swedish production duo Goldfingers - on Kamille's debut EP, also out today. Titled head’s a mess, it's a bold statement of intent that marks her as a force to be reckoned with. She's gonna dominate 2018 in a big way and we're so ready for this.