Jinka's exuberant brand of trip pop is as exciting as it is unpredictable, where the Transylvanian producer grabs your hand and leads you into her imaginary world of bouncing synths and oddball experiments. There is a whole bunch of stuff going on in this world, where dream-like sounds are put through all kinds of compressors and come out the other side all the stranger, but more wonderful for doing so.

For the most part, it's as though these sounds and Jinka's voice should not all be thrown together at all, but it works to tremendous effect. She first caught our attention last year, with equally experimental track "Trash From The Past", but the world which permeates through "Countdown Forever" is far lighter, brighter and channels a more carefree vibe.

Explaining what the mind boggling track is all about, Jinka says: “'Countdown Forever' is about an illusional state of infinite hedonistic experience. The title is paradoxical. But just because something is paradoxical it doesn’t mean you can’t explore the idea of it. I think, what I generally do when I’m writing is that I try to take a different perspective on the mundane, dip crude reality into some sort of surreal glossing, romanticise it without smoothening the contours."

"Countdown Forever" will be available everywhere this Friday 23 March.