"Voodoo Saloon" is the latest track from South Londoner Jerkcurb, a talented illustrator and music maker eager to make his mark. This sultry tune is an exploration of one man's journey through the wilderness, soundtracked by a neo-psych sound that is decadent but with an edge of refinement. Perhaps something that would come out of a Western-tinged Queens of The Stone Age and Tame Impala collaboration - with a bit more surrealism.

The track comes alongside a yet-to-be-released comic that delves further into the world of our protagonist and his journey through a distorted version of reality.

"I'm very interested in theme parks, shopping centres, airports," says Jerkcub. "These kinds of non-places, purgatory environments, and how they are this Americanised bastardisation of cultures and ideas, cut and pasted together. The Voodoo Saloon is like a theme park version of Wetherspoons, a juxtaposition of cultures and ideas, making little sense, fermenting eternally in purgatory."

"Voodoo Salon" is out 4 August via Handsome Dad Records