New single "Asfalt" is the first to be taken from their forthcoming Blokers EP, which is due to be released next month via Best Fit favourites KOSO.

The Oslo-based duo, made up of guitarist Kim Mikal Torp and singer Sigrun Sæbø Åland, have a commitment to DIY, the hardcore scene and doing things on their own terms; this is all reflected in the nature of their upfront music.

"Asfalt" is a brilliant assault of hard electronic beats, distorted guitars and incredible, yelped and unrelenting vocals from Åland. There's elements of Crystal Castles and Death Grips in Hysj's music but there's an undefined coldness which makes what they're doing sound utterly unique.

Hysj tell us that “we are inspired by a lot of different music, and both of our recent playlists have contained a lot of hip-hop and trap music, which might shine through in this song in particular. The lyrics describe the feeling of being trapped inside your own head, and is simultaneously a tongue in cheek comment on chemically-induced happiness as an easy way out. No matter where we find our inspiration, everything we make ends up sounding kinda dark and snowed in. It’s a great way to fight off winter depression for us at least!”

"Asfalt" is out today and the Blokers EP will be available on 17 March via KOSO.