Now down to a duo of Ingrid Helene Håvik and Trond Bersu - something we hinted at following the ups and downs the band experienced during the making of last album Camp Echo - "Out Of Order" isn't quite a reset for Highasakite, but about marrying up where the the pair are now with where the project started, just the core of Håvik and Bersu in a room doing what they love.

The track has a warmth that much of Camp Echo didn't have; Håvik's anger and confusion replaced by passion and trust. She sings, searchingly, of waiting and being on hold, of wanting a connection and finding - and keeping - love. And there's one key line that resonates above the chiming guitars, swelling synths and the boom of drums: "And I will bring my baby home..." Not quite happiness all around, but a significant step in a healing process.

“As success grew, I kind of lost sight of it all – of why I was making music, or why people were even listening,” Håvik explains. “I remember writing ‘Lover, Where Do You Live’ in a rehearsal room with Trond [circa 2011]. In that moment, it felt as though the song burnt within me – like I was singing with purpose, and pain that was too heavy to wear. It was important for me to find my way back to that point. I had to get back to the core.”

Having found their soul again, we can hope that this new phase of Highasakite brings more music like this.

"Out Of Order" is out now via Propeller Recordings.