The trio of Ragnhild Jamtveit of Pom Poko, Håkon Kjenstad (of Tuvaband and Panda Panda), and Tobias Pfeil are delving fully into their respective jazz backrounds on "Follow", and have come up with a storming collection of noises.

Programmed drums sound like a kitchen sink falling down a flight of stairs, old synths meet sparkling modern electronics, free jazz saxophones blare and Jamtveit - who is always an expressive, entrancing vocalist - improvises nonsense lyrics over the top of the mayhem. It's colourful, creative and extremely addictive.

"Follow is about a relationship turning sour because of obsessiveness," explains Heartbreak Satellite. "I think we wanted to capture the feeling of losing touch with reality and gradually drifting off into insanity and becoming dysfunctional and emotionally paralyzed, clinging on to a romantic illusion of love. There is definitely a half-comical, half-serious aspect to the song and the lyrics, as a consequence of just being overwhelmed in general."

"Follow" is out today via Brilliance Records.