Having originally met whilst attending the LIPA school in Liverpool, the band have been together ever since, nurturing a DIY approach to their work and developing a striking sound that bites with its explosive energy and acutely honest lyricism.

On their debut track, their potential is put on full display as the raw, rough-edged guitars and pounding drums provide the perfect backdrop for lead singer Meg Grooters' self-deprecating lyrics. Grooters sings, wails and screeches as she articulates the pressure of exiting teenagehood and being forced to face the responsibilities of adulthood.

Paranoia, stress and panic explode through the song, steadily building to the song's ultimate outburst of frustration as Grooters' vocals reach a fever pitch and everything shatters into a million pieces around her.

It's a super strong debut from the Liverpool band who are currently in the studio with The Coral's Bill Ryder-Jones and only lays the groundwork for the exciting things that are bound to come for this lot.

"20" is out now and available to listen to on Spotify.