Haich has been crafting and perfecting his sound since being a young adult. Now at 22, he has found confidence in his ability to merge unlikely sounds and instruments that bring an extremely fruitful cocktail.

"Peak" is a beautiful journey musically. Commencing calmly with fractured vocals and ambient electronica, Haich soon switches it up to an unpredictable combustion of instruments, allowing the small bleep's to hold the only consistency throughout.

The jagged sounds are refreshing, particularly when Haich moves onto a dancehall/indie build up around 1:55, which then drops into a sultry bassline that leads the track into a chaotic fusion of genres.

Slowly dipping his fractured vocals in and out works well, as the vision that "Time difference is peak" moves towards the track's core, building on a trailing staircase of euphoric synths before the track plays down into its abrupt, but well timed conclusion.

"Peak" follows on from his debut EP Unbalanced, that dropped earlier this year on his own label. It marks his evolvement in genre-defying music, and progression towards a fantastic, unmarked territory that emphasises his self-taught talent.

"Peak" is out now via Haich's own label, RAGS. Haich performs at London's Archspace on 4 June.