Styrke is heading out on a Scandinavian tour this winter to promote her album Sway, and she's pulled in GRANT as support. To celebrate that, GRANT has released a cover of Styrke's track "Changed My Mind", GRANT's first piece of new music since her debut In Bloom came out in the summer.

Whereas Styrke's version of the song is firmly rooted in her slick, light-footed, street-smart take on pop music, GRANT strips the song down, pushing her voice a little more into the spotlight and making it a more vulnerable, soft offering. It's still very much Styrke's song, but GRANT puts enough of her own stamp on it that it can live comfortably in her world too.

Caroline Cederlöf (aka GRANT) says, “I decided on "Changed My Mind" because it has a great melody and great lyrics with a mixed message that I thought would be fun to play around with. I stripped the song to its melody and started building it from scratch. I came up with the idea of having rhythmic strings as a theme for the whole production and took it from there. The lyrics were my way in to make it my own. Tove’s version is playful, so I went for the more desperate and brittle. I think both of us express some degree of irony as well, I like that in a pop song. I had so much fun making it.”

"Changed My Mind" is out now on Sony and GRANT will be supporting Tove Styrke on her Scandinavian tour this November and December. Find out more.