The Norwegian trio of Simen Hallset on bass/vocals, Petter Andersen on drums and Eirik Fidjeland on guitars and vocals are previewing their debut album The Glow with this dreamy cut, which doesn't hide the influences of the band's favourite artists such as Beach House, Deerhunter and My Bloody Valentine.

"Open Your Eyes" takes elements from all three: there's blissful organ drone, forcefully pitter-pattering percussion and a mix of guitar chime and wall of sound noise which all combine over Hallset's ever-so-slightly pitch bent falsetto. The effect is to leave the listener on a liminal, caught between a dream and fresh bright morning, perhaps leading on to pastoral excursions. It's that groggy, oxytocin-soaked feeling of going for an adventure without ever having to leave your bed, and the track's euphoric outtro is the fitting conclusion. Or, in Hallset's words, the track is about "...sharing the experience of life. If you can't picture a world filled with a diversity of societies and cultures getting along, you've got to open your eyes and expose the obstacles in our way for what they truly are. Human nature they are not. To quote the song's refrain ‘This is just a friendly wake-up call. I’d rather see you dance than trip and fall’.

Gold Celeste's debut album The Glow will be out on 11 September via the excellent Riot Factory, also based in Trondheim.

You can watch the video for "Open Your Eyes" exclusively below.