Over the last year and a half, Girl Friend have become a well-oiled power pop machine, and "Poison" is no exception. You won't find anything groundbreaking here lyrically: love has long been compared to a chemical reaction, a lusty addiction, or a codependent form of masochism, often with more gravitas. But who needs gravitas with a song this groovy? 

Lines like "it's such an awful thing to be in love with you" are dressed in such pristine pop sheen that it's impossible not to dance along. Over a driving new disco beat that evokes dance floors slippery with booze-laced sweat, lead singer Amory does his finest work to date, drawing "you" out into three operatic and imminently catchy syllables (think Adam Levine on "Moves Like Jagger"). The synth lines that perform figure eights around the song's beating heart in the final third are the perfect swan song, serving as an intoxicating guide to the next destination for making bad decisions: home.

Amory says: "Well.. I suppose it's another hedonistic peice - but it's less joyous, more destructive. It's about someone feverntly seeking pain for pleasure, hence the line 'Do what makes you happy, even if it makes you ill'. Within that juxtaposition lies a malady; it isn't real happiness, just a way of getting through the night."

Girl Friend are headlining a show tomorrow (21 July), at Sebright Arms London with Natalie McCool, Tempest and YOUTH.