Finding suitable residence among the likes of Cassels at the Oxfordshire record label, Gender Roles have announced their entry with the release of ‘’Plastic.’’ As catchy and gritty as anything on the Planet X-Ray EP released earlier this year, its DIY video is comprised of clips from the band’s recent trip to the US.

Furthering their own conglomeration of emo, grunge and punk, ‘’Plastic’’ delves into the insecurities, and ultimately the pretence and falsehood, of a given relationship. Vocalist and guitarist Tom Bennett’s admittance that ‘’I’m nothing but a camera/And you’re nothing but a screen’’ is testament enough, though it is his repeated ‘’My plastic everything’’ that truly betrays the fallacy of it all. The band’s most ambitious track musically to date, taking on several directions before closing amidst a cascade of noise, ‘’Plastic’’ sees the trio closing 2017 in somewhat different company than they began.

"Plastic" is out now via Big Scary Monsters.