With his newest single "Jump", Gabriel Black has revealed another side to his songwriting abilities that delves deep into a twisted fantasy between two lovers and maintains his characteristically emo undertones.

The song is a stripped-back, dark dialogue that flits between De La Torre's feathery vocals and Black's sharp delivery, where they both exclaim "If you jump, then I jump too / So high, what a dope view / No byes 'cause I'm going where you're going / No byes, yeah I'm going where ya". It is spine-tinglingly unnerving and is underlaid by a haunting instrumental slide that repeatedly interjects itself into the dialogue and further adds to the chilling atmostphere of the song.

Gabriel Black is an artist who has created a supportive and inclusive space for him and his fans to enjoy. This has come into being through both his sincere and honest songwriting and the way in which he has harnessed the internet as an instrument to retain his identity but also to reach out to his fans.

Speaking about the way in which fans have reacted to his distinctive mish-mash of genres and dark songwriting, Black says "I'm just staying true to how I feel in the moment. Right now my songs come from a darker place. I didn't think about other people at all honestly. I am honored that people have reacted the way they have and that has been the most beautiful thing. It has given me a purpose."

"Jump" is out now via Cloudkid.