Driving, anthemic, call it what you will..."Believe" is Frøkedal's best song to date and a great leap forward from an artist who has already shown us she's got loads of talent.

In a full-band framework, this track puts Frøkedal close to the music of Big Thief, or Sharon Van Etten's early work. Chunky riffs open "Believe" along with what sounds like pump organ and the wheeze of a harmonica but could feasibly be a detuned screech of fiddle, while Frøkedal's breezy, featherlight vocal floats over the top of this terrific blacktop jam.

"'Believe' is Tom Cruise driving at full speed along the winding roads of Western Norway," says Frøkedal, "in an open convertible even though there is light rain in the air. The song is juggling confidence and charisma in its message about keeping faith through the vanishing echoes of fiddle-ridden rock ’n roll.”

It's not quite a Frøkedal swagger, but "Believe" hints at a brilliant second album.

"Believe" is out now via Propeller Recordings.