Marrying the loud/quiet dichotomy they’ve already made their own, "Hoo Ha" could easily have been slipped onto Long Live Life and no one would've blinked an eyelid. That’s no criticism; the band’s fervour and obvious ear for a tune have done them well so far, so why mess with a working formula? Tightly performed and boasting one of their most riotous choruses to date, it’s a telling start to 2018 for the four-piece.

"'Hoo Ha' is a song that came out of a jam," says the band's Simon Nilsson. "It sounded like a riff that Hoo Ha's (one of our favourite bands, and dear friends of ours) would play. We named it 'Hoo Ha' straight away. When it came to write lyrics, I thought: What does 'Hoo Ha' mean to me? Immediately I thought of the Houses of Parliament, and the way British politics are. And here it is."

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