Back in 2013, Float Fall were propelled into the spotlight, racking up enormous streaming numbers with their debut track "Someday", garnering extensive critical acclaim and signing to a major label along the way. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as smoothly from that point onwards, and they fell silent on the world.

After five years of hard work, they - thankfully - return with an affirmative pop tune that exemplifies their knack for finding an earworm pop-hook. The track starts with an eery opening that echoes the stripped-back ambience of The XX before breaking into an anthemic pop chorus, where Ruben and Rozanne's vocals perfectly entwine and compliment one another.

They share the lead vocals between one another so the track amounts to a believable conversation between two lovers that are going through a bad patch, and it's almost as though you are listening in on a private conversation that was never meant for your ears.

Ultimately, "Hard Time Loving You" luscious, confident and mesmerising return and it's good to have them back.

"Hard Time Loving You" will be released on 4 May via [PIAS].