Taken from their upcoming debut album Contant Image, "Who's Got Time" almost sounds nostalgic as it's driven forward by hazy guitars, ethereal synths, and races through shouty vocals that almost resonate a less heavy FIDLAR.

Flasher mix their electric and acoustic guitars, creating a nice layer of washed out noise that creates a solid base for the group to bring their infectious sound.

Their near shouty vocals add to the catchiness, and it's certainly a track that will translate extremely well live.

You can almost imagine the pogo jumping crowd as they bop to the fuzzy guitars and escapade into the catchy chorus.

On the track, the band stated, “'Who’s Got Time?' is about the twilight of a relationship. When things have soured but you’re not quite ready to jump ship despite your better judgment. It’s a celebration of disappointment and failure.”

"Who's Got Time" is taken from their debut album Constant Image out 8 June via Domino. Find out more.