Drones Club are back, and are as ready as ever to reveal their optimistic message to the world.

The introduction for "All Arise" is crashing and intense, setting you up for a big fight against negativity and disappointment.

"All Arise" soon drops into a funky and infectious, scaling melody that will transport you back to the 80s, accompanied by visuals that see a woman dressed in white interpreting the music through dance.

Teamed with a euphoric chorus that could reside with Jungle, Drones Club pulsate with positivity as they attempt to project their empowering message.

Drones Club explain, "We are, us beings, all delicate and delightful as a butterfly. The winds are cold and impersonal, caused by systems beyond our understanding floating in the middle of a distant ocean. They will be at times disagreeable, and knock us off course, and yeah man, wings will be torn. The help of another is sometimes the only thing that can set us right, back on the path to the stars. We can all make it. The triumphs of a lucky few mean nothing when they come at the expense of the vulnerable. Share your successes. Total solidarity. All arise."

The Tottenham collective's new single follows on from "International", "Hurricane", and "Raise It Up".

"All Arise" is out now. Drones Club play London's The Cause on 19 October. Find out more.