Harking back to the 90's full-throttle nostalgia of the carefree marriage of late 60's and early 70's disco, "The Hush" combines psychedelic overtones with shimmering synthesizers and bold, funk-infused basslines for a sweetly mischievous trip.

A rebellious streak runs through this kaleidoscopic treat, one that proves resolutely intent on bringing a streak of light through the worldly political unrest of our post-Trumpian turmoil. “It’s better there’s no problem, it’s better we connect, so now you understand I’m going to get things off my chest” declares a coolly nonchalant voice, matter-of-factly bolstering listeners to not let The Man grind them down and embrace the heat of love instead.

“This is for the Deliveroo drivers,” state DMMYY. “The tennis players, the pints, for wood club, for those who spend hours in arm chairs, for Banf, for the Paris House and is not, and never will be, for the Royal Mail.’’

"The Hush" is out now via Home Counties Records.