Snarling and unkempt it may be, but "Purple Rage" echoes with such force it's impossible not to find yourself in awe. Screeching refrains and vocals you can almost feel scraping the inside of your throat leave a lasting impression quite unlike any other - and it's entirely addictive. 

'This song is meant to be an anthem for channeling all the rage we have into something positive," singer/guitarist Katie Monks says of the track. "When I have been badly hurt in the past, I am usually filled with a huge amount of energy. I always try to use that energy to make myself 'stronger' and 'tougher.' It's kinda like you become a superhero version of yourself...and no one can fuck with you."

Following the raging intensity of "Desire", "Purple Rage" is the second track to be taken from forthcoming debut album Sore.

Sore is released via Partisan Records and Buzz Records on 9 October.

Stream "Purple Rage" below.