The world of emerging artists, label, publishing, and management deals is far from smooth sailing and sometimes things out of your control crop up and threaten to undo all the hard work and effort you've put into building yourself. DuBois learnt this the hard way and he explains how he "went through some trying times almost immediately after finishing [his first] album due to forces out of [his] control."

"I got out of that deal and moved to Brooklyn for two years to regroup," he explains. "I then recently moved to Los Angeles and started work on a new collection of songs with a producer named Kennedy [BØRNS, Grizfolk] in his Eagle Rock studio."

The psychedelic funk-inspired track is sure to be divisive with its almost spoken word verses, but the swell and rush of the chorus offers a new kind of high as DuBois encourages us to embrace change, even if we're not the ones who are changing. A final blast of energy at the end of a track always goes a long way as it does in "Changing", revitalising our attention ready for more new music and live shows which are said to be coming soon.

"Changing" is out 21 April.