Having finished up a few years in the studio refining their sound, Das Body are now fully prepared to make their colourful entrace - and make no mistake about it, they are here to be noticed. Their latest offering is an eclectic adventure through 80s synths and infectious rhythms that makes them stand out as a wholly exciting new prospect, drawing out the best parts of pop without making it overly saccharine in its delivery.

From the sounds of things, it seems that Das Body have been partying at the same sweaty disco as Christine and The Queens, utilising a similar relentless groove and slap bass, where lead singer Ellie Linden's vocals twinkle with a delicious villainry, twisting and turning with a devillish smile.

It's an enchanting concoction and ultimately makes "Boys" sound like it was tailor-made to be played at the dirtiest disco in town.

"Boys" is out now via Luminelle Recordings.