Seamlessly flexing across funk, soul, jazz and dance pop, “SMABTO” jigs across decades. Simple in structure, tantalising vocals instantly command attention, opening the door for a flood of rich electronic-glazed saxophone to transport you to an arcadian dimly lit saloon bar somewhere completely lost in space and time.

It is a massive surprise then, that this is only Dance Lessons debut single; the beautifully balanced trio sound like they’ve been at it for years. London-based bassist Tom met lead vocalist and saxophonist Ann at a house party back in 2018 when the pair actually got involved in a full-blown dance-off. There Tom realised he had met the spark to crystallise the project he was working on with guitarist, Nat.

A refreshingly soulful song definitely not about love, “SMABTO” pokes fun at many of life’s inevitable failed relationships. The undeniably sensual mood producer Ann has created really pays homage to the liberal and sexual elements that once made jazz so globally appealing.

“Relationships are complicated and messy, but sometimes they're just straight up mistakes,” share the trio of what inspired the track. “This isn’t a serious song about love, but more a light-hearted take on the people that come into our lives and turn out to be mistakes.”

Dance Lessons’ nonchalant attitude to time wasting people ties in strongly with the brash, free nature of the genre. With such a domineering debut, it’s clear Dance Lessons have a lot more to give.

"SMABTO" is available now via Exotic Creatures. Follow Dance Lessons on Instagram.