“I’ll kill you, Tomokazu Miura!” embodies the community spirit of Chrysalism's creative process, with Vojtech crafting his own musical fantasy. The glitchy DIY visuals are hypnotic - glistening with the artist's dreamy vocal arrangement.

Moving to London from Prague to pursue a career in the visual arts, his digital collages exist as a timeless display of his creative talent, wrapped in velvety synths and glittering guitar melodies.

“My gal would kill me if I told you what this song is about,” Vojtech snickers. “It’s me at 2am in the back streets of Hong Kong, and her being stuck to her bed in one of the skyscraper apartments, looking out of the window in the humid city air. Listening to distant cars honk. Feeling comfortably sad between all the traffic and people walking.

“It’s about a movie I watched that night when I came back to the apartment. The quote ‘I’ll kill you, Tomokazu Miura’ got stuck in my head then.”

“I’ll kill you, Tomokazu Miura!” is out now, produced by Patrick Fitzroy of Heavy Heart. Find Chrysalism on Instagram.