In the age of the hopeless indie romantic, Chrysalism - real name Michal Vojtech - sits comfortably amongst peers such as Matt Maltese and Boniface, displaying his wounded vulnerabilities within his woozy lo-fi. Now the North London crooner announces his forthcoming debut EP Your Name Here with the collection's lead single, "Haunt Me".

An emotive outpouring mixed and cut between vocal distortion and dreamy percussion, this new song features some of his most upfront and best lyrics so far, including the brilliant “Honestly, I hate your fucking honesty”. Blending R&B with Washed Out-style guitar riffs, listeners land in a place of relaxed melancholia.

Branding his sound as “late night tunes for broken hearts”, Chrysalism poetically summarises the song, noting: "It’s about the confusion in romance and the way that people use it in their own ways. Sometimes I want to be haunted at least by the idea of someone. Sometimes I prefer the idea to the person.

"The ideas give the will. The will to punch holes in public toilet wall. To never fit in anywhere. Or to feel true. To lay on his lap and watch the sun – uncertain whether it rises or sets.’’

“Haunt Me” is available now, with the debut EP Your Name Here to be released 6 March. Follow Chrysalism on Instagram.