Honing her craft since the age of 15, Chela’s confidence shines through in powerful vocals that swim comfortably over '80s inspired synths on “Delivery”. Beyond catchy riffs that ooze positivity, Chela provides lyricism that inspires the romantic in us all, but that's also highly self-aware - “That could be us / if only you’ll find me”. In true Chela style, she retains honesty in her music, and delivers what feels like a poetic pep talk to herself, and to us.

“Delivery” was conceptualised in Perth where Filipino-Australian Chela (Chelsea Wheatley) was visiting family: “It was a time in my life when I was searching for the next person who could make my heart beat harder, and give me butterflies,” she explains. “I wanted to fall in love again, and I felt ready, however I feared that it may never happen again. And thus, the song was written as a love letter to that imaginary person.”

“Delivery” is out today, alongside the EP of the same name via Goldroom and Minerva Music. Catch her supporting Gus Dapperton on tour, and find Chela on Facebook.