Having attended Berklee College of Music together, the duo came to be Cape Weather after years of individual musical endeavors.

"Never Say" is much like a summer evening, winding down with a soft beat and a simple guitar melody that heightens that nostalgic feeling.

While Natalie Smith's vocals are angelic, Eric Jackowitz brings a slight sorrowful melody that'll have you remembering being rejected from asking your crush on a date.

Despite the sad tones, "Never Say" is actually embodied with romance, and a sense of purity that'll pull on the heartstrings.

The duo went into more detail on the meaning of their new track, "We started writing “Never Say” about a significant other who was embarrassing at a party, but it turned into a bigger theme of all the anxieties you feel at a party. The people who talk to much, who get too drunk… Meanwhile you’re sitting in the corner thinking all these things you’ll never say, but you want to scream to everyone."

"Never Say" is the lead single from their upcoming EP, out later this year via Future Gods. Find Cape Weather on Facebook.