"Reading the Odyssey I realised that rock n roll shares so much common ground with the classics; the themes of the rambling/abandoning bluesman are identical to those of the heroes from Homer," shares Yates.

This thesis of sorts led Yates back through the history of rock, picking up different strains of natural sounding emotive music. With an overarching narrative and sonic aesthetic established, the songwriter assembled his backing band, The Homos, recording each of the four tracks that comprise Homer live.

Best Fit is now premiering the short player's latest single, "Circe (Aeaean Paean)," below. On the track, Yates swells up an elegant, intimate and delicate atmosphere. With a Christopher Owens meets Tobias Jesso Jr.-style delivery, Yates establishes an immediate vulnerability that is particularly affecting as the "Circe (Aeaean Paean)" builds towards its shining conclusion.

Stream Bruce O Yates' "Circe (Aeaean Paean)" and look for Homer out September 12th via Handsome Dade Records (pre-order).

2/3 - In the Woods Festival, Kent
15 - Waiting Room, London