Most newcomers want spectators to take notice when they emerge on the scene, but few will do it as assertively as Berry Galazka. Hailing from Florida, the young American rapper has released a song that is as much a mission statement as it is the beginning of a career in music.

"Man Can’t Hang" strikes a commanding tone from the off, demanding listener's undivided attention from start to finish in both the ear-worm chorus and Galazka’s blunt lyrics. “I wear my merch, fuck your label,” she states just before the song’s first chorus, declaring herself as not just musically independent, but personally as well.

“I have a hard time taking seriously any kind of authority figures or social norms,” Galazka clarifies. “I finish writing faster than my ex in bed and usually can record a demo on the day. If it's not flowing, I change what I’m doing and don't painstakingly try to make a song work, I don't believe in struggling over art, that's a dated patriarchy masculine energy trope”.

Raised in a Polish home, the young Galazka was continuously exposed to a wealth of musical styles, from Polka all the way through to reggae. The influence of such can be found in her debut track as it flits freely between the energy of hip hop and the melodic intent of pop, refusing to categorised; it is the perfect accompaniment to the creative personality that she is beginning to introduce to the world.

Galazka's parting sentiments on her “Man Can’t Hang" encapsulate just what this young musician is setting out to achieve. “I want people to be stoked when they listen to my music and not feel like they have to follow any kind of path someone else set for them, because at the end of the day everyone you know dies and won't give a fuck about the decisions you made, you're the only one who needs to be satisfied with how you lived your life. So that's a message that people forget a lot and I'd like to remind them of”.

"Man Can't Hang" is available now via Sweat Entertainment. Follow Berry Galazka via Instagram.