The Akureyri-based balladeer lights the fuse on a feelings-stuffed timebomb with "Quiet Eyes" - it's a swooning pop ode rammed to the hilt with hearty outpourings. It waltzes between pillars of indie-folk splendour and Adele-sized emotion - Flóvent is definitely on the up.

"'Quiet Eyes' is about co-dependency and a message to whom it may concern in an inspirational way," Flóvent explains. "It’s a way of reminding myself and others to take action, look at your feet and see where you’re at because you’ve not been yourself lately."

Hans Francken produces the cut (and the rest of the EP).

Flóvent is touring Europe this month and next with compatriots Vök and Ásgeir (although sadly not together), and will head to the UK at the end of May with the latter. Find out more.

"Quiet Eyes" is out 21 April via Epic/Sony; the Quiet Eyes EP is out 9 May.