Arriving after February's debut single "Haunted", Atelier Blue, the duo made up of Olivia McShane and Hot Dreams' Alex Bloomfield, have returned with a burning ballad that tackles the solemn side of love.

Built on a near-tropical beat laced with a ticking cowbell, "Empty Lungs" sees McShane's vocals shine like a beam of light in a dark forest, imploring her own thoughts to find a direct route through love's firm grip.

McShane's vocals emit both delicacy and power, hitting angelic notes with ease while still projecting the overwhelming strength of emotion attached to the track. The underbed of synths burn with a sense of foreboding, while Bloomfield's breezy guitar riff casts some sunlight onto the late-night ballad.

The instrumentals are pensive when paired with McShane's angelic vocals, but retain the urgency of the track as McShane repeatedly asks herself, "Why can't I get what I want?"

Speaking about their second offering, McShane explains, "When we were writing the track in our session, the hooks seemed to come naturally to Alex and the lyrics poured our of me in a very visceral way. I think this song really wanted to be written, it represents feelings we know all too well: being in love, feeling trapped, needing someone so much you resent yourself for it, the release of energy after a fight… That’s the metaphor behind "Empty Lungs.""

"Empty Lungs" is out now. Find Atelier Blue on Instagram.