Made up of singer/songwriter Olivia McShane and Hot Dreams' Alex Bloomfield, Atelier Blue merge ethereal vocals with infectious electro-pop on their nostalgic, yet modern debut.

"Haunted" was created through writing and producing together in Olivia's bedroom studio. The song opens with a beachwave synth melody over a lo-fi beat, before McShane projects her vocal range and elevates the track, progressing to a nosedive into a rippling synth-pop whirlpool that sounds like Kavinsky found a high-note Kate Bush in the tropics.

The nostalgic feel of the instrumentals contrast with the heeding presence of McShane's impressive vocal range, and transforms the track into a neon-tinged, tropical pop track that sits somewhere between a ballad and a banger.

On the new project, Bloomfield expands, "More than anything we want to write songs that are unashamedly catchy yet, given a closer listen, display a darker side by including warped chords and wistful subjects."

"Haunted" is out now. Find Atelier Blue on Instagram.