April has been one of the breakthrough bedroom artist success stories of 2020: a songwriter bubbling with such talent that she's burst onto the scene despite having to navigate a bewildering new industry and a lack of live opportunities.

The enchanting “New Conditions” was followed by “What I’d Do For You” along with two other tracks to form a debut EP that’s amassed over seven million streams. And so, rising fast on a wave of support, April has announced her second EP, Luna, by dropping a fresh new track.

Speaking about her new single “Forever (To Feel Like Tonight)”, April explains that it “fits into this idea as a song about wanting a particular feeling to last forever. When a relationship isn’t perfect but there are perfect moments that make it ok and it's those moments you want to live in and never let them end.”

It's a gorgeous poetic slow-burner of a track, tinged with sadness and nostalgia, that surfaces slowly and melts away as gently as it came. But there’s bite in the middle, with stabs of electronica intermingled with vocals that are drenched in heartfelt, breathy sadness. If you enjoyed April’s covers of Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish in the past, you’ll love this similarly inspired blend of the two.

On the EP that the track is drawn from, April tells us, “Luna is a step forward from New Conditions for me - I definitely feel like I’m maturing as an artist, and this EP feels more like me now than the last. I’m definitely still experimenting and finding my sound, I love so many genres it’s hard to just stick to one and it was exciting that I got to try different things this time.

“The EP overall is all about falling in love. Each song touches on the uncertainty you get when starting to feel strongly about somebody at the start of a relationship. You begin to wonder if it will last or if it’s just something to pass the time.”

While there are no guarantees on the relationship front, as far as the music is concerned, it sounds like April is going to stand the test of time.

"Forever (To Feel Like Tonight)" is out now and Luna will release 23 October. Find April on Instagram.