Laura Hayden, Joshua Rumble, Harry Balazs, and Jackson Couzens collectively are Anteros. The band has grown from a bedroom project - when Hayden and Rumble anonymously released their debut self-titled single - to today's lineup, which has seen the group hit the road on tour with Two Door Cinema Club, Blaenavon, and White Lies.

Working on their music between these live commitments appears to have added a rockier edge to their sound. The new EP includes band-favourite "Cherry Drop", as well as the previously released title track "Drunk". Everything seems to come together on this release, and you can head to the band's headline show at Sebright Arms on 27 April to see this progression for yourself.

How would you describe your relationship with alcohol as a band?

Facebook would say "it's complicated".

For people yet to discover Anteros, what do you think are you main selling points?

Our tour mascots, a family of garden gnomes (‘The Gnomes').

How does the new material compare with last year's Breakfast EP?

Our Breakfast EP was a mix of demos and cocktails of demos with re-recorded parts. It's been so good to have the chance to record a whole EP in the same studio, and build the tracks from the ground up. This EP was recorded just after Jackson joined us, so he was able to leave his mark on it.

Would you say title track "Drunk" is about inebriation of the alcoholic kind or is it more metaphorical?

They're not mutually exclusive. One can lead to another...

Where did you find the time to work on the EP?

We recorded the EP at the Distillery in Bath. We recorded the first two tracks just after Christmas, and the later two just after coming off of the Two Door Cinema Club tour in February.

You're properly a touring live band now, with shows headlining and supporting all over the place. How's that transition from anonymous project to a full functioning live setup been?

I don't think it's something we realised until this last tour we've been on, supporting Blaenavon. We visited the same cities when we supported Two Door Cinema Club back in January, so some people knew the songs and the lyrics. It’s a great feeling to hear people standing at the front singing your songs back to you.

Have you found the way you make music has changed?

We like to change it up constantly. Different songs happen in different ways and we don't want to get used to one way of writing.

Drunk is a largely new body of work with just the title track out previously, which song are you most excited about being available now?

"Cherry Drop"!

What's on the horizon for Anteros? Is there an album in the works?

That's the plan! But we're trying to focus on the present, taking things one step at a time, and enjoying the process.

The Drunk EP is out now.