Russia-based musician Sarah Persephona started angelic milk aged 15. The bedroom project has since grown into a quartet, who will release their debut record early next year.

"Celebrate" is an ethereal offering from the grunge-pop group. Opening with sorrowful church bells before plunging into a psychedelic haze of fuzzy guitars, "Celebrate" soon turns into an electrifying offering that contradicts with the angelic vocal delivery of Persephona.

angelic milk give a panoramic delivery as their layered guitars reel from twangy riffs to a grumbling undertone of washed-out chords, creating a vibrant, yet grungy offering that finds comfort in the darkest of spaces.

Their new track is the second to be lifted from their debut album DIVINE BIKER LOVE, after last month's "When the Limousines Pass By".

"Celebrate" is available now. DIVINE BIKER LOVE arrives on 11 January via PNKSLM Recordings, and is available to pre-order now.