On new single "Our Own Way", the Ru Paul-endorsed Di Giovanni documents his last relationship with a woman, or as he describes it, "the first step on my journey towards self-acceptance."

"I am breaking up with the past," Di Giovanni continues. That journey comes to an end, and it's time to go our own way. Taking that hard decision though makes me feel good, I've won my battle, the darkness flies away and I will be looking for a brighter day."

Di Giovanni has worked with producer Tylr Rydr to construct the backdrop accompanying this stirring narrative; an artistic feast of snappy electronic percussion and spiky synth lines that keep strict time beneath layers of Olly Alexander-esque vocals. As with his personal style, "Our Own Way" sees Di Giovanni pushing the boundaries of masculine expectation, delivering drama and emotion through his use of pop music as an art form. In his own words, "where everything else is polluted, art remains the only pure form of communication; only art speaks the real truth about society and you can't tame it."

"Our Own Way" is out now.