Amilli has only just reached adulthood and is already delivering sensual ballads out of Bochum, Germany.

"Maybe" is a tender and intimate offering, built on a sultry beat that sways elegantly between a submerged guitar melody and a slick beat infused with subtle electronica.

At just 18, Amilli gives a silky smooth vocal delivery, dipping into lower pitches that could find a seat near Lana Del Rey.

Speaking about the track, Amilli explains, "Very different to "Rarri", "Maybe" is a love song about a toxic relationship. It deals with a situation where you know that someone´s not good for you but you still don´t have the strength to distance yourself from that person. I think a lot of people can relate to that."

Intimate and brooding, the track soars between a burning ballad and a breathtaking, soul-infused offering that presents Amilli as a budding R&B talent that has layers to her desirous and honeyed sound.

"Maybe" is available now. Find Amilli on Facebook.