Long gone are the days of chanting "Potential Breakup Song" (I'm kidding: we will all still be doing that in 2019).

Latest single "Don’t Go Changing" is a perfect complement to "Church". "Just don’t go changing on me babe," the sister duo sing as a plea amongst the synth and drums, creating a sultry 80s vibe – something only a handful of artists can do well. Aly & AJ are one of these, delivering a new anthem that speaks to anyone who feels they have to change themselves to fit in. News flash: Aly & AJ are telling you not to. We should listen to them.

"'Don't Go Changing' is one of our favorite tracks off of the upcoming EP, we can't wait to play it live on tour," the pair tell Best Fit of the new track. "Something magical happens when a song like this takes form in a live setting. It's gonna hit close to home for so many of our fans."

The duo’s new EP is entitled Sanctuary and is due out on 10 May; a welcomed follow up to their previous tracks.

Come and do a show in the UK soon so we can all dance with you!

"Don't Go Changing" is out now.