Led by the London-based, Murcia-born Alberto García Roca, the band were described by Baywaves as "a mix between the Bee Gees, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Beatles...a mediterranean version of The Lemon Twigs...a vaudeville-themed live show by Yes."

Alien Tango joined with respected Spanish indie label Foehn Records for their recent EP titled Isla Bonita as well as the surreal blast of "Your Grandpa Is A Hero".

The song, explains Roca is dedicated to all the grandparents in the world: "My grandpa kicks ass. He can make a website with Notepad and play saxophone. My grandma does a sudoku in a matter of nanoseconds. They also cook so good your tongue might explode.

"My other grandma knows the name of every Spanish second division football ground and she has seen more musicals than an astronaut, and I didn't know my other grandpa a lot, but a park is named after him so he probably did something."

Roca also directed the post-mannerist video for "Your Grandpa Is A Hero" and it was recorded in the house of his grandparents. "I usually like very simple videos, plus I wanted to make something and put it out really quickly," he tells Best Fit. "Writing and recording the song and filming the video took place in about a week. I also hope this marks the beginning of my grandparents’ promising acting careers."